Barack Obama announced today that the U.S. would respond to alleged Russian hacking at a time of its choosing while President-elect Trump continues to play politics over the issue, completely missing the point that regardless of the fact he was the beneficiary of the alleged hacking, the allegations of Russia meddling in U.S. elections is a major breach of security. On this issue it’s the U.S. intelligence services that should be getting recognition for their efforts if the allegations can be proven. They’ve publicly demonstrated their commitment to maintaining the integrity of U.S. democracy regardless of political stripe and that deserves to be noticed. It is presently President-Elect Trump that is creating a feud with the nation’s intelligence community and mainly because they are doing the job the nation expects of them. A concern going forward is how much control Trump will try to wield over the intelligence community. History has far too many examples of how badly things can go when governments have tried to have their security services slavishly obey their policy directives.

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