Republican members of Congress are claiming that intelligence agencies are not briefing Congress about the alleged Russian cyber attacks that occurred during the U.S. election. The CIA raised the alarm about alleged Russian hacking but it now finds itself in a similar spot as FBI director James Comey who during the election went back and forth on investigating Clinton about her emails. The CIA is faced with a President-Elect that benefited from these alleged hacks (though he likely would have won anyway) and is doubting the claims, a Democratic Party that wholly endorses the findings and a Republican party that is not as united over Trump winning as they might like to be. The CIA risks being accused of playing politics over the issue and that’s exactly what is starting to happen. They are in a sensitive spot. Ultimately, to clear themselves of allegations of playing favorites, they should be speaking to Congress about the alleged hacks. There’s really no easy way out of the situation but at least by briefing Congress the CIA can try and minimize the accusations of partisanship that are plaguing the community.

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